Family Secrets
is an intriguing and true account of the strange paranormal events that Jean Walker and her family have experienced throughout their lives. Jean, a retired science teacher, and UFO investigator has now bravely come forward to share her strange, often frightening, sometimes delightful, yet unexplainable encounters - which include everything from aliens and UFOs to portals, fairies, bigfoot, and unexplained creatures. The strange phenomena followed Jean and her brother and husbands from house to house, and from her hometown of Independence, Missouri to vacation spots in other states. No matter where Jean is, the unexplained world seems to follow her.

The Remote-Viewing Workbook

This is not your normal RV book - it is an actual workbook Remote-Viewing is the act of seeing objects near or far by using the mind. For anyone who wants to learn how to activate their psychic center or “sixth sense” and to Remote-View, this book will help them achieve their goals. Margie Kay not only explains what Remote Viewing is but gives the reader many different methods to use to become accurate.

Remote-Viewers can find lost objects, look at past and even future events, locate missing persons or pets, find the source of vehicle problems, see health issues inside the human body, and much more.

Persons who are psychic can learn Remote-Viewing more easily than others, but anyone can learn how to do RV work!  Practice using the skills tests in this book and become a more efficient and accurate Remote-Viewer. 

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The Kansas City UFO Flaps

​Kansas City is a major UFO hot spot and has been since the early 20th century. In this book, investigator Margie Kay presents many of the fantastic UFO sightings and close encounters which occurred during UFO flaps in the greater Kansas City area, focusing on the nationally covered 2011 - 2012 flap, and infamous Kansas City Lights, which are still going on to this day. Margie presents her theory as to why Kansas City has so many unexplained events. Paperback, 8 1/2" x 11", 78 pages, full color. Publisher: UnXMedia, September, 2017
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We are currently looking for non-fiction and fiction books about true experiences involving unexplained events such as time travel, hauntings, psychic communication, alien and UFO encounters, fairies, elementals, or related subjects
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Haunted Independence Missouri:

​Read these true stories about haunted Independence, Missouri sites. Independence was founded in 1827, and has a rich history of pioneers traveling through on the trails, Civil War battles, the Cholera epidemic of 1849-1851, and more. Margie Kay, psychic medium and paranormal investigator, relates tales of her encounters while investigating 56 historic sites including restaurants, parks, cemeteries, and buildings in and near Independence, Missouri. The Quest Investigation Group, a non-profit organization founded by Margie Kay, researched and visited these very haunted sites in order to bring the reader details about each one. Paperback, 182 pages

Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide

Internationally renowned remote viewer and paranormal investigator Margie Kay shares her research and techniques for ghost hunting from the point of view of a medium. She discusses how to communicate with the spirit world, how to guard against and remove negative energies, different types of scientific and non-scientific ghost hunting equipment, investigation methods, how to hone your psychic abilities to communicate with the spirit world, different types of entities that may be encountered, and good places to find ghosts. Margie even shares how to build your own ghost communication device out of readily available materials. 

A list of paranormal radio and TV shows and real haunted sites to visit is included as well as a glossary of terms. This book is suitable for the amateur or seasoned investigator, and covers things that are not normally discussed in other books.

Paperback. 274 pages. 

UnX Media Publishing

Un-X News Magazine Issue #13

By Marge Padgitt in Un-X News Magazine

44 pages, published 10/19/2015

Issue #13 is sure to please with a feature article by Steve Erdmann called The UFO Snatchers - plus great articles about unexplained creature sightings, drones, the Haunted Lemp Mansion, Fairy Rings Explained, and much more on various topics. If you're interested in all things paranormal- this is the issue for you!

A Sonoma County Phenomenon: Evidence of an
​Inter-dimensional Gateway

By Margie Kay

In this book, Margie Kay presents the case for a wormhole or portal over a house in Sonoma County California. Natalie Roberts has taken over 250,000 photographs of anomalous objects in her back yard which appear to include unknown craft, extraterrestrial beings, ghosts, apparitions, and even small planets and galaxies. 80 of the best photos of beings and craft that enter and exit through the portal are presented in this book. Read the fascinating story of Natalie's journey of discovery and interaction, and why this particular location at 38 degrees latitude in the middle of a major Ley line intersection is the key to everything the witness and independent scientists and investigators have experienced.    

Paperback 8 1/2" x 11" 82 pages