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Marketing Your Book

Un-X Media does a lot to promote author’s books, but Authors can market their book in several ways to gain more exposure. The important thing is to spend some time to actively market your book at least on a weekly basis to gain interest and make more sales on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

List your book at wordlikes.com. This is a website that promotes books for authors. Be sure to post a picture of the book and yourself, along with your book description.

Post your book with a different comment once a month on your Facebook, Instagram, twitter or other social media accounts. Be sure to include the link to your book on Amazon.

Join author promotion groups on Facebook and participate in their discussions. Post your book on these pages.

Create your own business book page on your Facebook account (under your name) Ask people to leave reviews here and on Amazon.

Create your own website and list your books with links for purchase on Amazon. If you’d like, we can create a website for you for a fee.

Contact radio talk show hosts who would be interested you your book genre and send them a press release and sample copy of your book. You should get some radio interviews to promote your book using this method. Don’t blatantly promote your book during the interview but be sure to mention your website or Amazon at least once. Do smaller podcasts at first, before promoting to the larger shows. 

We do much more for our authors than other publishers do, as you can see!

What we do when you publish with us: 

  • Obtain copyright for the author
  • Obtain an ISBN number for the book in various formats (required for every book style)
  • Take your manuscript written in WORD and change it to book format, do the layout
  • Add publisher information to the book
  • Design the cover, back, and spline (author to approve of final design)
  • Place the book on our website with photo and description
  • Create an author page on our website
  • Make copies of the book available to you to purchase at wholesale price sell directly at conferences, etc. 
  • Publish the book on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble
  • Draft a press release and Media Kit for you to use to send to the media
  • Create a book trailer (video) for you to use on social media
  • Give you a free listing as a potential radio show guest at www.unxnetwork.com
  • Promote your book in our monthly ad campaign in bookstores
  • Promote your book in Un-X Magazine

How much do authors make?
Contrary to popular belief, most authors don't make much money on the sales of their books. Authors write books for credibility and to boost their income from speaking engagements, or to get important information out to the public. Unlike most publishing companies who offer  2% -10% in royalties to their authors, we offer 30% of the profits to our writers. However, don't expect to get rich writing books. You'll need to put out a lot of effort to market your book, do book signings, contact radio talk show hosts and do as many programs as possible to get the word out and spark interest in your book. 

What can writers do to get more book sales? 
Write more books. Authors with multiple books get more sales.

Do your own promotions, radio talk shows, meetings, conferences, etc. Sell your books at e events. You have to be your biggest promoter.

Tell everyone you know to purchase your book on Amazon.com and to leave feedback, which will help increase sales. Note: the ranking of your book is only affected by sales on Amazon.com.

Send a copy of your book and press release to radio program hosts. 

When do I get paid? 
We will send checks quarterly or when royalties reach a minimum of $100.

Can you send a press release out to the media?
Press Release Service: Create a press release and send to media throughout the U.S. through PR Web​. Contact us for pricing information:editor@unxmedia.com

For some really good information about how the publishing process works and how authors make money we highly suggest reading this article: https://electricliterature.com/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-book-sales-but-were-afraid-to-ask-1fe6bc00aa2d#.z2tw9qb2v

For suggestions about writing an introduction visihttps://www.wikihow.com/Write-an-Introduction-to-a-Book

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