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We are currently looking for book submissions on the following subjects:

  • True experiences involving unexplained events
  • Time travel
  • Haunted sites and paranormal events
  • Psychic communication
  • Alternative healing
  • Stones, crystals, gems
  • Alien and UFO encounters
  • Fairies and elementals
  • Books of fiction

Please see our book and author guideline page for more information.  

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Books, Magazines, and Radio shows about Unexplained Phenomena

 ​Fascinating books by various authors writing about paranormal and unexplained events. Non-fiction and fiction accepted. Click the link above for more information. 

UNX Magazine #14 Fall, 2021

By Marge Padgitt in Un-X News Magazine

60 pages, published 10/20/2021

UNX Magazine is back with plenty of unexplained subjects such as witches, investigations, haunted sites, UFOs, and much more! A list of great paranormal radio shows and paranormal groups is included in this expanded 60-page issue.

Read fascinating articles about UFOs, haunted sites, aliens, time travel, fairies, paranormal and more by researchers and authors. 

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