We began publication again 2021
​with Managing Editor Lee Speigel

Un-X Magazine 
Articles about all paranormal subjects: UFOs, Sasquatch and other cryptids, Paranormal activity, ghosts, haunted sites, and more! Available in print or digital download

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UNX Magazine #14 Fall, 2021

Un-X News Magazine: UNX Magazine #14 Fall, 2021

UNX Magazine is back with plenty of unexplained subjects such as witches, investigations, haunted sites, UFOs, and much more! A list of great paranormal radio shows and paranormal groups is included in this expanded 60-page issue. $15 in print $3.99 digital

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Unx Magazine #14b Fall 2021

Un-X News Magazine: Unx Magazine #14b Fall 2021

Version #2 with a different cover and additional information. In This Issue: The Witch Trials of Salem; Are Werewolves Real? Moon Anomalies; Haunted Lemp Mansion; Walkins; Moon Facts; The Ghost Girl of Alton; Book Corner; Paranormal Radio Shows and much more!

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